Bridge 631 exists to help preteens Follow Jesus Together


Bridge 631 meets on Thursday nights!


Bridge 631 is an exciting ministry for 5th and 6th graders focused on the discipleship of our preteens!

Recognizing the unique phase students go through from being a kid to being a teenager, this ministry helps bridge that gap. We’ve set aside their own time for them to connect with friends, play games and enjoy teaching with small group discussion. Your student will engage the gospel and be challenged in the call to Follow Jesus.

Considering the example that Jesus himself left as a twelve year old as well as the overall call of Scripture to seek after God, we encourage students to follow Jesus . . . together. Students are reminded of God's love for them, his desire for them to connect with each other, and his call for each one to follow Jesus.

Bridge 631 will meet just once a month during the summer on the following dates (from 6:31-8:00pm as usual): June 27th, July 18th & August 15th.

For more information contact Pastor Brett.