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Why Child Dedication?

As part of our emphasis on parents being the primary disciple-makers of their children, we encourage parents to bring their infants or young children and publicly dedicate themselves and their children to love, trust, follow, and serve Jesus.

What about baptizing children?

We do not practice baptizing babies here at Faith Fellowship, but we do celebrate Child Dedication. We believe baptism is reserved for those who have made an individual commitment to trust Jesus themselves, so younger children might qualify, but babies would not. The difference with Child Dedication is that we ask parents to not only dedicate their children to the Lord, but also to dedicate themselves to the Lord as they seek to raise their children to know Jesus. It's a public time of commitment done alongside family, friends, and church.

When can I dedicate my child?

We make time in our services once each quarter (four times per year) for this public dedication.  For the next date, click HERE. During that time we all, as a family in community at at Faith Fellowship, verbally commit ourselves to partnering with each other in that endeavor to raise our children in faith.

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