Our desire at Faith Fellowship is to be a refuge of hope to lost and hurting people and our pastoral counseling is no exception. Our pastoral counseling exists to create an environment in which every person can find a safe and loving place to experience the grace and truth of the gospel.

Each of us will at some point experience deep suffering and brokenness. Even now you may know of friends or acquaintances that are going through a difficult season. Depression, anxiety, loss, suicide, divorce, addictions, PTSD, peer pressure, to name a few, can fill our relationships with uncertainty, and our hearts with questions. 

It is our hope that you will find our pastoral counseling beneficial and a helpful resource for you and your friends. If you are struggling, or you know someone who is, contact our Director for Pastoral Counseling, Doug Redetzke, at 715-387-6169 or email

Helpful Resource:  "Why Me? Comfort for the Victimized" David Powlison

Has your life been touched by abuse of some kind (verbal, emotional, physical etc.)? Currently those abused sexually affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men in their lifetime. Let those numbers sink in... 

Join David as he goes through Psalm 10 to navigate the journey ahead. Powlison offers real hope to those who want to be more than just a statistic (look for this minibook along with others in the display case by the office window).