We'd love to get you connected with our children's or student ministries!  You can check out the "Kids & Youth" tab to learn more about each of these exciting ministries where lives are being changed every week!

Kid's Grove   (Infants & Toddlers, 3 - Pre-K, K-4th grades)

Bridge 631    (5th-6th grades)

Refuge Youth (7th-12th grades)

If you're interested in volunteering in one of our children's or youth areas, please take a few minutes and let us get to know you.

Please complete the background screening by clicking on the Secure Volunteer picture below and then fill out the following Children and Youth Workers' Application. (This application process is more in-depth than others on this site, and includes your authorization for a background screening out of our desire to provide a safe environment for families entrusting their kids to our care.)

Children and Youth Workers' Application

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The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize Faith Fellowship of Marshfield to process this application: and I authorize any references, churches, or organizations listed in this application to give you any information that they may have regarding my character and fitness for children’s or youth work. I hereby release any person, church, or organization from any and all liability for damages of whatever kind or nature which result from compliance or any attempts to comply with this authorization. I understand that Faith Fellowship of Marshfield may deem it necessary to perform a background check on me and I authorize them to do so. I agree to be interviewed by the church upon request. I agree to abide by the Affirmation of Faith, Constitution, Policy Manual, and other policies of Faith Fellowship of Marshfield. I further state that I HAVE CAREFULLY READ THE FOREGOING RELEASE AND KNOW THE CONTENTS THEREOF AND I SIGN THIS RELEASE AS MY OWN FREE ACT. *
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